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Microface - generally regarded by its customers as the best dynamometer automators in the world.

Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Large Brake Manufacturers

Particularly enjoy the benefits of the unique fibre optics system FibreComs which eliminates the problem of electrical interference which occurs when dynos are in close proximity.

The Large Company is likely to have a larger pool of staff, some specialising in different fields as well as staff who do Standard Tests. BrakeLab is able to satisfy the needs of both.

BrakeLab is able to automate any make of dynamometer and so Large Companies can standardise ALL of their Lab to one Control System. Results are consistent and repeatable on any dyno and between dynos ,even of different manufacture. A feature which is clearly necessary in Product Development.

Moreover, the fact that the Software has evolved over the past 30+ years without any back to the drawing board rewrites means that results can be compared accurately.

Multinational Companies basically share the same advantages of the Large Brake Manufacturers but in addition are able to purchase Software Licences and in some cases Open Source of some of our Products. Microface is able to offer Worldwide Licences and training for in-house Staff.

Independent Test Houses

Use us for ease in creating new Test Schedules and new ways of testing brakes using Microface’s unique BrakeScript program. These Test Houses often have staff with high expertise and are able to offer Testing which the larger Companies may not have the skill or equipment to do. They need Control software such as Microface’s BrakeLab which gives the User the freedom to go far beyond simple testing.

Special Projects

Small Brake Manufacturers

Small Brake Manufacturers choose it because of its proven reliability and versatility enabling them to run a large variety of tests on their limited number of dynamometers.

BrakeLab can accommodate any Test Schedule which the dyno is capable of. This is guaranteed, thus making it “future proof” of any changes in Testing and of new Tests being developed. BrakeScript coupled with our “Plug and Play” FibreComs ensures very easy development of new Brake Schedules.

Microface can offer complete installation and automation of any new or used dynamometer as well as complete refurbishment and automation of old ones. In fact Microface Refurbish is often the best option as the quality of some old dynos is unmatched by modern ones

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