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44.1khz 1000 Hz & 250 Hz Data Acquisition

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Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Several Brake Test specifications now require 1000 readings per second data-logging.

Microface provide up to 2000Hz with a guarantee that each measurement will be taken every 1 millisecond with a timing accuracy of 0.03 milliseconds.

This is much more accurate than our Competitors who may provide you with 1000 readings per second but with timing uncertainty of several milliseconds where there is a possibility of bunching of several readings making this at best only as good as 250 Hz and probably much worse ! This complies with the requirement but makes the results no better than a more modest 250 Hz system. Beware “specmanship” !

However, a more modest 250 Hz system is good for the calculation of the integral term for a Constant Torque Controller and so Microface provides 2 data logging systems running at the same time so that Constant Torque can be both accurate and fast.


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