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Hardware In the Loop (HIL)

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Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Hardware in the Loop is a term used when Software and Hardware are combined to achieve very high levels of sophisticated testing and simulation. In vehicle braking this is becoming an important field of activity.

Microface’s first system of this kind was in 1993, before the term was used at all, with the introduction of Inertia Simulation which drives the electric drive motor in such a way as to simulate hardware components and Road Load Equations.

Ever since this innovation Microface has been in the forefront of HIL development. The most complex system to date is a Test Rig for testing ABS brakes where the motion of the wheel under various slip conditions such as split surface braking is simulated. This was used to reduce the development cycle of Grau Anti Lock Brake Systems and allow them to be put into production on Leyland truck vehicles much sooner than would have been possible without this test equipment.

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