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Why Choose Microface

Particularly enjoy the benefits of the unique fibre optics system FibreComs which eliminates the problem of electrical interference which occurs when dynos are in close proximity.


Microface Ltd was founded in 1981 with the intention of simplifying the automation of Testing. The key to this was sophisticated electronic interfacing combined with well written Software.

Global Service Strategy

Like other Suppliers, Microface uses a combination of proprietary parts and standard off the shelf items to achieve a professional design.

Global Job Opportunities

If you have knowledge of the Brake Industry or Dynamometers and NVH and are interested in joining our team, becoming an agent, or are a company who wishes to form an alliance.

Fully Integrated Suite of Programs

Microface has, over 30+ years, developed a fully integrated suite of programs to allow the testing of brakes to the highest standards and coupled it with unique hardware which controls the brake to the highest accuracy in the Industry. This has been a continuous process without ever having to go back to the drawing board. Consequently, Brake Lab is an extremely User friendly, Editable, Software Control Suite with “Pedigree”

Cutting Edge Products

Microface intends to remain at the forefront of Brake Testing by utilising its significant design skills to perfect cutting edge products for the Friction and related Industries.


With Ted’s son Jake now in the Company, Microface has spread its wings and has moved into areas further afield. As well as covering all of Europe, Scandinavia and S. Africa, Microface now supplies Systems to Companies in Turkey, India, Australia and the Far East.

Strategic Alliances

By setting up Strategic Alliances and Agents who have been connected with the Microface System for many years, we are able to support these installations Worldwide and the intrinsic reliability of the System has meant that this has been stress free.

24/7 Support

The Company always has and continues to offer 24/7 Support by telephone for Software issues or any concerns and although this has very rarely been used outside office hours it does give confidence to Customers now in very different time zones.

Free Software Changes

The Company’s policy of providing free Software changes to fulfil its guarantee that “Microface’s Automation System covers any Test Procedure which the dyno is capable of” has encouraged Customers to co-operate with us in developing a System which is now reaching perfection.

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