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Microface - generally regarded by its customers as the best dynamometer automators in the world.

Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

The BrakeLab Suite of Programs and Hardware is designed to work on any professional make of Brake Dynamometers in the World, new or old. It comprises of programs and hardware unique to Microface with unparalleled levels of Accuracy, Ease of Use and Reliability.


  1. BrakeCore. The Heart of the Microface system is respected in the industry for its unrivalled reliability, speed and accuracy. This runs on its own independent PC.
  2. FrontDesk. Graphics software package running on a separate PC which enables you to create new Tests and interpret results while BrakeCore can still be running Tests in the background.
  3. BrakeScript. A scripting tool created for the Brake Industry which allows the User to design their own Tests as well as import and edit new ones as the Industry test requirements change. Unique to Microface.
  4. DynoGraph. A Unique graphics package designed to work with Brake Lab giving the User unparalleled flexibility to automatically create results graphically, design new layouts or copy existing layouts perfectly in 2 and 3D.
  5. Zoom-a-Stop. Powerful Analysis Tool for studying brake stops.
  6. BrakeStudio. (optional) NVH Package designed purposely for the Brake Industry to record and analyse Brake Noise.


  1. MircofaceValve. Our own Pneumatic Valve (Constant Torque Controller) designed purely for the brake industry which gives unsurpassed results of Speed and Accuracy as well as low running Costs and high Reliability.
  2. FibreComs. Microface’s own “Interference free” Fibre Optic Data Transfer System.
  3. Telemetry (optional) We offer several varieties of Telemetry depending on need. This is for obtaining temperatures inside the Brake.

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