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Microface - generally regarded by its customers as the best dynamometer automators in the world.

Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Est. 1981

Microface Ltd was founded in 1981 with the intention of simplifying the automation of Testing. The key to this was sophisticated electronic interfacing combined with well written Software to give accurate transducer readings and control of machinery in general, and dynamometers in particular. Three dedicated professionals, Ted Slevin, John Slevin and Malcolm Boczec utilised their combined skills in developing just such a System.


The Testing automated by Microface is unsurpassed in its accuracy and repeatability of its results, and the Company has continued to build on this solid foundation developing new products continually over the past +35 years. The Software Development has remained under the supervision and scrutiny of the original team throughout giving continuity and consistency of results allowing genuine comparisons which is vital in Product Development. Moreover, the results are totally repeatable on any dynamometer and between dynamometers if all the features have been automated by Microface.



Drawing from experience in the Nuclear Industry and Space Technology, which included a weight reducing project on the Space Shuttle, for which Ted was awarded a medal, Microface ventured into the automation of Brake Testing winning orders for the automation of several brake testing dynamometers from Customers like BP Chemicals and the Ferodo Company (later Federal Mogul).


Our more recent developments include Fibre Optics, which allow high speed readings with no interference throughout the factory even when dynamometers are very close together, the new Telemetry System which provides exactly the same precision measurement as static channels and NVH with the highest precision in the Industry.

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