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Microface - generally regarded by its customers as the best dynamometer automators in the world.

Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Although Microface specialises in the automation of Brake Testing, our technology is often very similar to that required for other Test machines. If you need high noise immunity from Fibre Optics or good modelling or even a flexible script writing capability please consider us.

If we can’t improve on the existing State of the Art we will soon tell you. If, however, as often happens, we have a significant contribution we can make, we will offer you a competitive and powerful proposal.


  1. 2 wheel and Passenger Car Inertia Dynamometers from 4 kg-m2 to 150 kg-m2 and up to 5000 RPM Typically 5000 NM Max
  2. Commercial Vehicle Inertia Dynamometers up to 5000 KGM2 and 200 RPM 25000 to 40,000 NM Max
  3. Rail Testing Inertia Dynamometers 5000 kg-m2 15000 NM 2000 RPM
  4. 660 RPM Friction Testers 1500 NM including static torque test
  5. Vehicle Rolling Roads. All sizes, manually operated and automated
  6. Turbine Performance Test Rigs with stall condition tracking
  7. In vehicle data logging 16 or 32 Channel With GPS

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