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Rolling Roads

Microface’s automation is equally capable of handling Inertia Dynamometers and Rolling Road Testing.

Pump Testing & Certification

Independent Test Houses use it for its ease in creating new Test Schedules and new ways of testing brakes using Microface’s unique BrakeScript program.

In Vehicle Logging

The Microface approach is equally at home in a vehicle or on a Dynamometer.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Brake Testing

Hybrid vehicles pose significant challenges and significant rewards to the brake designer.

Specialised Test Rigs

If you need high noise immunity from Fibre Optics or good modelling or even a flexible script writing capability.

Dynamometer Refurbishment

We find that modern machines are so cheaply built that an old machine is usually better than a new one.

HIL - Hardware In the Loop

Hardware in the Loop is a term used when Software and Hardware are combined to achieve very high levels of sophisticated testing and simulation.

Data Aquisition

Several Brake Test specifications now require 1000 readings per second data-logging.

ABS Testing

ABS and Traction Control represent the most difficult challenges for Brake Testing because of their complexity and fail safety requirement.

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