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Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Microface’s NVH system BrakeStudio, unlike others NVH systems on the market, was designed purely for the Brake Industry NVH. What we set out to do was remove all the expensive sensitive hardware that was being damaged in a industrial environment and use high end readily available recording equipment from the music industry coupled with our own PC software data analysis.

Microface created a system with many features that the Brake Industry required without compromising the accuracy, in fact BrakeStudio in test is the most accurate of all comparable systems on the market.

BrakeStudio can be purchased separately from BrakeLab and is a completely independent product.
Being Software based, unique licensing options can be arranged from one to worldwide License Agreements within a company.


  1. Analysis of .WAV files for good traceability.
  2. Re-analysis without rerunning test
  3. More accurate than the rest of the industry
  4. Lowest cost of ownership with parts available from many sources
  5. Open source available for large multinational Companies.
  6. Microphones capable of operation in higher levels of electrical interference
  7. One purchase is good for both in-vehicle and multi-channel Test Rig testing
  8. Accidental User damage to equipment is low cost
  9. No expensive easy to lose dongles
  10. Easy expansion from 2 to 32 channels
  11. Supports ADAT format Fibre Optic multi-channel recording so no long microphone cables
  12. Supports scrutiny with MATLAB or SCILAB
  13. Precision test waveforms available for system assurance
  14. Lossless replay of all events
Brake Studio Mic
brake studio waterfall graph
BrakeStudio Sound

BrakeStudio Worldwide Agents Required

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