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Dynamometer Refurbishment

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Microface - generally regarded by its customers as the best dynamometer automators in the world.

Jacob Slevin

Director, Microface

Microface is the only Company with the Dynamometer Control Technology which does not manufacture
dynamometers itself.

Consequently you will not be told by Microface that your machine is too old and that you need to purchase a
new one. Quite the opposite in fact. We find that modern machines are so cheaply built that an old machine
is usually better than a new one.

Dynamometers can last for 30 to 50 years. However, the same cannot be said for the electronics, computers
and changing software requirements. This means that there are many dynos with considerable useful life
still left in them if the electronics and computer systems are updated and the dyno is refurbished.

Old machines are sometimes considered to be of insufficient capacity to simulate modern high speed vehicles. This is often not a problem though as the flywheel calculations used 30 years ago were very conservative.Microface is able to recalculate and where necessary retest your flywheel set and re-validate it for a higher operational speed.

  1. We use finite element analysis to calculate flywheel stress. This can result in speed capabilities being
    30% faster than 30 year old hoop stress calculation.
  2. We can specify modern bearing grease to increase the bearing speed.
  3. We can replace torque limited key-ways with Ringfeder couplings with 100% torque increase.
  4. We can recalculate the complete machine including, where necessary, undertake metallurgy and NDT to
    reclassify the machines to modern CE requirements.
  5. We can introduce Inertia Simulation to a machine to improve its inertia range.

So, before you consider scrapping a machine do talk to us. We have all the formulas necessary for instant
assessment of your Dynamometer’s potential and all the moving and lifting equipment to undertake any
modifications including re-siting.

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